Thursday, September 18, 2008 - Christian Authors Connect on New Social Networking Site - Christian Authors Connect on New Social Networking Site
Detroit, MI ( -, a new online social networking community, allows its member to connect with each other, learn more about the book industry and share personal trials and triumphs in book promotion. founder Pam Perry, said, "Here members will find literary PR experts and fellow authors who are willing to share tips on how to get out there." Perry is a literary publicist, agent and pioneer in the ministry marketing field. Her company, Ministry Marketing Solutions Inc., works with publishers and self-published authors targeting the African American Christian market.

Christian authors, aspiring authors, book club members, book industry professionals, book store owners, freelance writers, graphic artists, journalists, multi-media professionals, publicists and readers will now have the ability to share a platform and connect with one another in a ministry and industry forum.

"The site is unique because it is the only site that provides a social media community for people with a wide range of interests and experience in the book industry - while also encouraging members with Christian love and prayer as they market the message of Jesus," said Perry.

As a social media web site, lets members interact and connect with similar skills and interests while also expanding their databases of professional contacts.

"There are so many gifted, anointed writers out there just waiting to be recognized by the world," said Perry.

"With, people never need give up their hopes and dreams. Our site will take them to the next level, using the power of social networking to get recognized and get connected." also facilitates exposure with industry experts, best-selling authors by giving members the ability to prominently feature contact information and links back to an official web page. There will also be cross promotion on with on The Chocolate Pages Show as well as on other web 2.0 sites such as Myspace, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Promotion on will help people gain exposure for their books which will equate with more book signings, sales and speaking opportunities as well as allowing for the exchange of ideas, innovative branding advice and prayer.

"We encourage everyone to promote their talent and their work via blogs, video or by posting a news items or calendar events. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream. We are the children of the dream. Our time has come - and this social network is part of what will make it come true," concluded Perry.

The social network, run through, is available at:

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