Monday, November 29, 2010

GET IN THE KNOW with Dr. Jeri Dyson: The virus that wouldn't leave.

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The virus that wouldn't leave.

lady in red by godlike86

(I love this picture, the color, the composition. The birds in the background taking flight, the winds of change... It reminds me of the current season with Autumn leaving and Winter quickly approaching. Thanksgiving is gone but like an unwelcomed guest HIV has decided to stick around a little longer...)

December 1st is World AIDS Day!!

People all around the world are hosting different types of events this World AIDS Day to inform, educate and enlighten others about this deadly virus.

You may not be infected but we're all affected. This December 1st commemorate the many LIVES touched by HIV. Be a part of something positive within your community!!!

Visit these sites to find activities near you on World AIDS Day.

Learn my 5 B's of HIV to avoid transmitting and acquiring this virus that just won't let us alone!

"Dr. Jeri's 5 B's of HIV/AIDS transmission:"

  1. Blood: contaminated blood products

  2. Body Fluids: vaginal secretions and semen

  3. Breast milk: breast milk of an HIV infected mother is another way to transmit the virus to infants

  4. Birthing: an HIV infected mother can transmit the virus to her baby at any time during the birthing process, especially if she is not taking medications to prevent the baby from acquiring the virus

  5. 'Banging': sex of any kind, especially unprotected sex will place you at risk for acquiring HIV

For more information on HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, visit my website and go to the FACTS page.

Not certain about your status? I want you to "Be Positive You're Negative" get tested for HIV!! Make every moment of your life count.

GET IN THE KNOW with Dr. Jeri Dyson: The virus that wouldn't leave.

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